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About Us

Heavenly Taste Toffee started Chicago in the hands of Grandma Elkins, who created the toffee recipe, and graced the family with batches of her famous toffee during family occasions. The recipe was passed on to Momma Elkins, who continued the toffee tradition, and eventually passed on the recipe to Heavenly Taste Toffee founder and candy-making magician, Matt Elkins.

Matt took the recipe and ran with it, no actually, he sprinted with it.

Batches of toffee were being made for friends & family, who were then sharing it with their friends. Demand grew, and next thing you know, Matt's kitchen had turned into a toffee factory, which Momma Elkins wasn't too happy about. Eventually, Matt started selling Heavenly Taste Toffee at local events around the SF Bay Area and eventually taking the company to the next level, producing amazing toffee by hand in a commercial kitchen and selling it in over 30 stores around the Bay Area.




Fresh Salted Butter

Pure C&H Sugar

Local Guittard Chocolate.

No High Fructose Corn Syrup

No Added Lecithin

No Margarine


As a small business and a candy producer, we feel responsible to the community to give back a portion of our success to benefit EVERYONE's health and success. 

We have reserved a guaranteed 5% of our annual net income to be used towards the start of RAISING GREEN, which will become the 501(c)3 non-profit branch of Heavenly Taste Toffee. 

RAISING GREEN will source local wood, barrels, and soil to donate, and install, raised bed gardening kits and compost tumblers to low-income families around the Bay Area. These families can then turn around the sell their excess produce at our farmer's market booths in order to earn extra income, while also eating healthier.